What Does it Mean to be a Sceptic?

Being a sceptic means that you have to use critical thinking, but that doesn’t mean that you dismiss, out of hand, anything that you do not have an explanation for. Many things we now know, we had no explanation for just a hundred years ago. Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity was not proven until 1919, although it was released in 1915.It wasn’t until 1929 that Hubble discovered that the universe was expanding.

And so on, and so on. Just a few years ago we discovered the first ‘Exoplanet’ A planet outside our solar system. Now we know of thousands of them, some earth-like.

So what does being a sceptic mean?

For me, it means not accepting anything without evidence. But it also means not dismissing anything without evidence. For example, most atheists would admit they cannot disprove the existence of a god or gods, even though there is no evidence to suggest that they exist. So really, most atheists are very sceptical of there being such supernatural beings, but because they cannot prove they do not exist, they do not rule out the possibility, remote though the possibility seems. That is what it means to be sceptical.

Similarly, sceptics are, naturally, sceptical of any other claims of the supernatural, such as ghosts, telepathy, ESP, psychokinesis, or other so-called supernatural phenomena.

That does not mean we are ruling it out. It means that extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence. The famous James Randi has examined hundreds of people trying to claim his $1,000,000 prize for proving supernatural activity, but has exposed all as frauds, or at least, none have been able to prove that ability.

As a sceptic, I think yes, most have been frauds. However, there remains the possibility that some people have been able to do things or experienced things occasionally, that cannot be reproduced under test conditions.

That is what being a sceptic means. Questioning everything, even other sceptics. Questioning the entire universe, what happens, why it happens, and what it all means, if anything.

People have reported extraordinary things. Are they all liars? Seems unlikely to me. But I don’t know, so I remain sceptical.

Are all UFO abductees dreamers? Seems likely to me, but I don’t know for sure, so I remain a sceptic.

Are all psychic connections between loved ones imagined? For example, where one twin feels the pain of a twin that is injured? I’m sceptical until proof is provided.

Does that woman love me, or does she have an ulterior motive? In love as in the rest of life, best to be sceptical. Hurt is the alternative, because everyone has their own motive. Even your own motive for loving is to make you feel better. Your motive for giving change to a beggar, is that it makes you feel good. Your motive for giving love could be that you get it back. But what is the other person’s motive? Be sceptical. Security? Marriage and children? To impress others? To gain half your wealth? What is his or her history? Be sceptical even as love grabs you by the heart and squeezes.

So I just wanted to make this point. Being an atheist, and being a sceptic, are parallel lines, but not the same thing. Only idiots, in my humble opinion, are not sceptical of everything. You just need to read the news to realise the truth of that. Bearing history in mind. False flag events precede every war. Yes, be sceptical of the news. Be suspicious of your government’s motives. Be suspicious of a religion that want you to give them money. Be suspicious of phone calls about apps and bank details. Don’t fall for a demand that you help orphans in Ethiopia without finding out perhaps that 95% of the money goes to pay top salaries to those running the charity. But if it turns out to be good, great. The Mormon church, for example, apart from its constantly changing history, is one of the richest in the world, and they say you should give them 10% of your income. They own shopping malls and have the biggest non-reportable income in the USA – because of being a religion, they are a charity. They say, that even if you should go hungry, you should give the lord his due… In other words, keep supporting the wealth of the church. Do you think Mormon missionaries are about getting you to become Gods, like they think they will be? It’s about getting you to pay your tithe. And even if the church supports them in their mission, within a couple of years, you will have paid more than the support they got and be tied into a religion. Similar to Scientology – once you are a part of it, it is very hard to get away from. And the same goes for the multiple false preachers who demand your money on YouTube or live TV.  Don’t believe in the false hope that your grandma will be cured from cancer. God has never repaired bad teeth or missing limbs. Get real!

This is how they make their money, buy private jets. Own luxury homes all over the world. What are you? An idiot? See through the shit!

Be a sceptic!

This doesn’t mean you have to become paranoid, but you do have to be aware. If a church or a preacher wants your money, their motive is transparent – to get your money.

That religious beliefs interfere with scepticism, which I have seen multiple times, is a bad thing about religion.


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