Twenty-One Arguments on Truth


  1. The social argument – it’s true because if you accept that it’s true you get a better life. You become part of a community. Implies that acceptance of a belief verifies that belief. Applies to any religion or way of thinking that provides you with something to believe in.
  2. The book argument – it’s true because the book says that it’s true. It’s bad to question the book, because of the book being true. Applies to any belief system that relies on written doctrine.
  3. The force of numbers argument – it’s true because lots of other people believe that it’s true, and so many believers can’t be wrong. Implies, by definition, that everything that a lot of people believe is true, is true.|
  4. The belief argument – it’s true because I believe it to be true. Implies that belief is truth.
  5. The investment argument – it’s true because I’ve invested so much effort in this belief that my life would be largely a ridiculous waste of time if it were not true. Implies  that the more energy you put into a belief, the truer it becomes.
  6. The integrity argument – It’s true because I’ve told other people that it’s true, and I am  not a liar. Implies that the dissemination of a belief verifies the belief.
  7. The experiential argument – it’s true because I have experienced the influence of the thing I believe in. Implies that people do not interpret their life experiences according to influencing environmental factors, background, emotional, and personal needs.
  8. The inner peace argument – it’s true because I feel peaceful when I believe that there is something big and supernatural looking after my interests. Implies that gaining peace of mind through believing in something is a good basis for judging whether that thing is real.
  9. The strength argument – it’s true because I feel stronger inside myself because of believing that it is true. Implies that inner strength that comes from believing in something verifies the belief.
  10. The ignorance argument – it’s true because there are a lot of complicated things in this world that I don’t understand except by believing that they must have got here by magic performed by a supernatural being. Implies that ignorance is a good basis for deciding that something is true.
  11. The indoctrination argument – it’s true because this is what I have been taught. Implies that indoctrinating someone into believing in something, establishes the truth of that thing.
  12. The frightening alternative argument – it’s true because the alternative frightens me. Implies that truth depends on whether or not you are comfortable with it.
  13. The self-interest argument – it’s true because people have told me that if I don’t believe I will go to Hell, and if I do believe I will go to Heaven. Implies that self-interest is impressive to a god.
  14. The character reference argument – it’s true because everyone who knows me knows that I would not believe in something that is not true. Implies that hearsay of character references inform the truth of a subject.
  15. The false prophet argument – it’s true because everyone who disagrees is a false prophet. Implies that no argument against a set dogma can be valid.
  16. The shifting sand argument – it’s true because I hold fast to each argument until you prove it is not valid. Implies that truth is flexible.
  17. The scared argument – it’s true because I am a coward and can’t face life without the psychological prop of this belief to hold on to. Implies that psychological props are truths.
  18. The intelligent design argument – it’s true because it is completely obvious to everyone except those who refuse to accept it that this fantastic world we live in could not just have sprung out of nothing.  Implies that lack of scientific knowledge invests the truth in those who are ignorant.
  19. The can’t think argument – it’s true because I really can’t think of a viable alternative. Implies that a lack of thinking skills makes any particular belief viable.
  20. The how dare you argument – it’s true because how dare you question my beliefs? Implies that even the most ridiculous beliefs should not be questioned.
  21. The me argument – it’s true for me, and that’s all I care about. Implies again, that belief is truth.