The Meme of the Flat Earth

The ‘current flat earth’ craze scarcely deserves a mention on Ethical Atheism, because the arguments in favour of a flat earth are so ridiculous that anybody with the least amount of common-sense can counter them easily. People of any kind of wisdom and maturity don’t need me to point out the flaws in Flat Earther theories!

However, for the sake of science and in opposition to the anti-scientific view and the deliberate denial of science, which equals that of religion in its perfect nonsense, I just have to say something…

Flat Earth theory has become an internet meme, and since any idiot can own a smartphone or tablet computer, and many do, the meme has been perpetuating rapidly amongst those who do not understand the world, and who think science is a conspiracy to ‘fool the people’ for some nefarious government reasons.

Ironically there are members of the Flat Earth Society all around the globe, so it is not just a phenomenon isolated to Americans, many of whom deny evolution, and even, believe it or not, deny gravity, it is a phenomenon that has become worldwide.

YouTube Search Reveals Stupidity

A search on YouTube is revealing, because it shows the lack of common sense and ignorance of science that is prevalent, and is a must amongst flat earth theorists. For example one video shows a man pouring water on a globe, which obviously falls off the globe to the ground, and he uses this to prove that the world is flat, because if it were not, the water would fall off just like the water fell off his globe.

Take a look at this pseudoscientific video and you will see how the gullible and easily led could be fooled into believing the nonsense in the video. Unfortunately religion has primed many people to be gullible.

Not Quite Like in Ancient Times

In the modern interpretation of the flat earth hypotheses, the world is generally held to be surrounded by a huge wall of ice that prevents the sea from running off the earth. So they are no longer saying as in mythological times that the world rests on the back of an elephant, or that Atlas holds the world on his shoulders. But the arguments are spurious and incredibly stupid. So stupid, in fact, that I’m not going to attempt to prove here that the earth is a slightly flattened globe. There is plenty of proof of that, just as there is plenty of proof of the existence of gravity.

I mean, just how stupid can people get and yet still be able to survive. It is fortunate that we live in a fairly benevolent society that takes pity on the stupid. However, it surprises me that more flat earth theorists have not qualified (yet) for Darwin Awards.

It is a shame that some have already contaminated the human gene pool by procreating, and indoctrinating their children with their stupid theories.

Enough of this nonsense! My next essay will be on a more serious subject.


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