I would assert that not all atheists have superior critical thinking skills. Some, perhaps even the majority, are people who do not believe in any god because they’ve been brought up in a household where religion is never discussed: it’s just not on their agenda, so it is something they have not thought about. Many have never read any of the main religions books of the Abrahamic tradition. In the USA in particular, a lot may never have heard of Richard Dawkins, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Professor Anthony Grayling, or other prominent atheist thinkers in today’s world. Some may never have read a book since they left school. If questioned on the subject of their atheism, they probably would not have a lot to say. A shrug of the shoulders.

These are atheists without evidence of the massive weaknesses in most religious arguments. In opinion polls they simply identify themselves as non-affiliated. Some may be atheists because they dislike any restrictions on the freedom to do what they like. Others simply may not be bright enough to consider the subtleties of arguments from either side of the atheists-religious divide, although of course many arguments are not subtle. Such people are not part of the new ‘atheism’, they would rather watch TV than take part in a debate. They have allowed themselves to be ‘dumbed down’ by false news and reality TV.

Others just don’t care one way or another. And that’s okay. However, by not taking part in the debate, they are changing nothing. And things do need to be changed. Religion in divisive. It can turn a family against one of their own; one community against another; divide a country into warring factions, and even turn a whole country against another country.

And more to the point, in today’s divided world it can give a powerful country an excuse to destroy a less powerful one, using religion, or ‘religious fanaticism’ as an excuse, whilst meanwhile aiding the extremists with arms, training, and manpower. Meanwhile, fostering hatred through false flag events.

Now we are seeing the effects start to take place. Outraged citizens are beginning to do what we always knew would happen – to emulate the attacks of Islamic extremists, and in this case against ordinary Muslims just as the Islamic extremists and radicalised attack ordinary people. It was inevitable.

Meanwhile the elite few who control the world supply of oil are laughing all the way to the bank, because the more outrage they can muster amongst the public at large, the more excuse they have to overpower middle eastern regimes to either take their oil and gold, as in Libya and Iraq, or to gain a strong foothold in a country with a vitally strategic location, as in Syria. And all the more money the massively powerful arms dealers make. We mostly made and supplied the weapons we are being attacked with.

But in all of this, without religion most of the extremist events of the past twenty years would not have happened.

Is it too late? Is the world condemned to war upon war? Is our next attack going to be an ‘Arab Spring uprising’ against Iran, with the ‘popular uprising’ actually from terrorists and paid mercenaries coming across Iran’s massive borders, and fighting their way inwards, destroying towns and villages en route and blaming it on the Iranian regime?

Well, we’ve done it before, and we will do it again. We will kill or exile millions in the name of prevention of religious terrorism. Now, am I wrong, or do you think that’s a bad thing about religion?

Wake up, sleeping atheists. Hone your critical thinking skills and speak out for ethical atheism. The religious are trying hard to impose their views on you. They are trying to stop critical thinking by attempting to give creationism, that outdated concept from before science, on the curriculum of the schools your children attend. They are trying to indoctrinate your children and the population at large away from critical thinking, to believe what they are told. They criticise science for damaging religious beliefs, but what are scientists supposed to do? Are they supposed to lie and say that the word is flat; that the earth is the centre of the universe, that the world was created in six days, that religious prophets of all faiths are correct?

If that is the case, I have a question to ask of you. Provide  a single example of a scientific formula, thesis, or theory that has been recently replaced with a supernatural explanation. You can comment below.


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