Argue with me and win Win £1000.00 / $1500.00 (USD) or Euro Equivalent.

Ethical Atheism is offering a cash prize of £1000.00 / $1500.00 (USD) or Euro equivalent. to anyone who can defeat one of my (John Bremner’s) arguments. You don’t have to prove that God exists to win this money – just prove that one of the arguments listed under Bad Things about Religion has a basic flaw that renders the argument invalid.

I will automatically get an email when you post an argument, and will respond quickly.

Since it is not fair that I should be the judge of whether your argument defeats mine, the judges will be a preacher of the Christian Church, and a prominent Atheist. It takes both of them to agree that you have rendered my argument invalid for you to win. However, even if only the preacher agrees, I will then look at your argument and if I believe you have made a very good case that is as good as my own, you will get half the prize money. And I’m a very fair person. I’ll be devastated if I think you’ve made a case as good as my own, but I will pay out, as promised.

And you will be applauded as a winner. I look forward to your challenges. Now don’t be stupid and challenge me on a typo or a historical mistake. Make your challenge about the fundamental point of one of my essays. Prove that what I say is not a bad thing about religion. You know, I’m not perfect. I could get some things wrong. You could win money. But winning the money is not really the point. You could get me to reverse my opinion on a fundamental point about your religion, and I will not only acknowledge that, I will write an apology.

Nobody has tried in the past 8 years, despite multiple thousands of readers.. What? Are you so uncertain of your belief system that you dare not challenge me?

Share this with your religious friends. The most intelligent ones. Or challenge me yourself!

John Bremner


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